The Saskatoon Basketball Academy offers the opportunity to elite development in order for a player to achieve their fullest potential.


Saskatoon Basketball Academy Prep

The Saskatoon Basketball Academy offers the journey to the goal of becoming a post secondary student-athlete. The Saskatoon Basketball Academy has made arrangements with Saskatoon Public School  for all student-athletes to attend the FLEX program at City Park School. This unique educational program is geared towards students pursuing high level training by providing them with a flexible class schedule in a supportive environment allowing them to reach their academic and athletic goals.

The Saskatoon Basketball Academy Is a  proud new member of the National Preparatory Association.  A unique blend of motivated coaches and administrative  members striving to create continued education options for student-athletes.

Greenwave United Basketball 

Greenwave United is a non-profit organization based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with a focus on elite youth basketball development. We aim to provide programming to youth 12 months a year through various programs and initiatives. We program boy’s basketball from U11-U18 and are consistently expanding our programs to offer relevant and up to date instruction to our players.

Our club is led by our Technical director Sean Tyson and features a dedicated team of coaches whose experiences range from the youth level all the way to the NBA level our organization is uniquely equipped to be the top developmental organization in our region. We support the continued education of all our coaching staff and you will find them continuously taking part in courses, classes and clinics to not only further their career development but to ensure that your child is receiving the best instruction possible.

                  The club operates on 4 fundamental pillars that we expect our players to buy into and become ambassadors of:

  1. Character Building - You will need to be a good person longer than you will need to be a good basketball player

  2. Commitment and Focus - At some point in your life you'll be asked to make a commitment or take a focus. We want youth to learn how to do that now

  3. Fitness Foundation - The benefits to establishing routine fitness at a young age is great and provides a healthy bodily foundation into adulthood.

  4. No Shortcuts - Focusing on doing everything properly, the right way, the first time is a trait we encourage all our athletes to establish.