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  • Participation - Provide opportunities for youth ages 5-12 across Canada to play basketball.

  • Education - NCCP FUNdamentals Coach Workshop and full basketball curriculum with supporting resources.

  • Development - Develop young athletes in alignment with the Sport Canada LTAD Model and stage-appropriate drills and games.

  • Progression - Entry to the Canada Basketball development pathway, encouraging athletes to pursue high performance opportunity.

  • Character Building - Help athletes maximize their potential, using basketball as a vehicle to develop character and life skills.


  • Age 5-12 | Co-ed | 12 Weeks | 45-75 Min. Sessions

  • A national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game of basketball.

  • Empowering basketball communities, clubs, and facilities

  • Positively impact youth through the sport of basketball

  • Holistic approach to athlete development based off of the Sport Canada LTAD Model



For Players

  1. Enrollment in the official grassroots youth development program of Canada Basketball

  2. Proven curriculum aligned with the LTAD Model

  3. Coaching from NCCP FUNdamentals trained JNYB Coaches

  4. Player Package including jersey, basketball, drawstring bag, certificate, and poster

  5. Parents’ Guide for all JNYB parents

  6. Provincial and national membership and liability insurance

For Coaches

  1. Coach training through the NCCP FUNdamentals Workshop

  2. JNYB Game Plan online portal registration and access

  3. JNYB Curriculum including Coach Manual, Lesson Plans, Drill Bank, and additional resources

  4. Dri-fit shirt and Fox 40 whistle

  5. Provincial and national membership and liability insurance