Q. My son is interested in Greenwave United, how does he tryout?

A. As an organization we aim to program all year round and as such do not hold tryouts as we offer consistent programming. We always welcome new players to the program. To gage which group will be most appropriate for your son to train with coach Tyson will go through a workout with your son and place him with a group accordingly. For more information or to book a workout with coach Tyson please contact him directly at sean.greenwaveunited@gmail.com


Q. Is lifting weights part of your program? Is it safe for my son to workout this early?

A. Physical development is paramount for any athlete, and the physical progression and development of our athletes is something we take quite seriously. We have partnered with Craven Sports Services and their elite team to handle this aspect of our development. Our groups train with Craven staff and are part of custom-tailored programs based on their size, age, skills, and strengths. To learn more about Craven please visit them at https://www.cravensportservices.ca/


Q. When does Greenwave start?

A. This question depends on when you are joining us throughout the year. We understand that children these days are involved in a lot of activities and as such we have come to accept rolling registrations within our programs. The PES, player enhancement sessions typically start in early fall and go until right before Christmas. Our competitive teams begin their seasons in early January and train until the end of June. Tournament play for these teams begins in April and goes until June.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. We have made every attempt to keep each one of our programs affordable based upon the amount of training each group receives. Costs are specific to each program (PES, competitive season, or personal or group sessions). The only mandated tournaments are local (within the province). Players pay for club fees, practice time, coaching, technical fees, tournaments, and apparel each year. You will be contacted with specific pricing for your program after your child has been placed in a group.


Q. Where do you train

A. We train in facilities all over Saskatoon with many sessions at the Shaw Center, White Buffalo Youth Lodge, and Craven Sport Services.

Q. Are there fundraising opportunities available.

A. During the competitive each team is assigned a team manager. It is up to individual teams and their managers to organize fund raising if their respective teams wish to pursue it.


Q. What can my son do to get better after June during his months off?

A. Coach Tyson offers individual and small group training throughout the summer months for players looking to improve different aspects of their game. Please contact coach Tyson directly to schedule a session at sean.greenwaveunited@gmail.com. During the competitive season coach Tyson offers these sessions on Sunday afternoons on a first come first serve basis. Please contact coach Tyson to schedule your work out.

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